Vula Emehlo* Eye Project

Good Shepherd Hospital, Siteki, Swaziland

Stop Press The Trust has just paid for a shipment of redundant, but still very useful, NHS equipment to be shipped to Swaziland for use in the eye clinic. Many thanks to Tim Fetherston for sourcing the equipment and fundraising to pay for the shipment

Dr. Jono Pons
              operatingThe Trust has supported the work of Dr. Jono Pons and the eye surgery project in Siteki since we were established as a Trust. Indeed, the needs of the project were the main impetus for setting up the Trust in the first place. (One of our trustees has worked in Siteki with Dr. Pons). We have been able to cover the costs of surgery for numerous patients too poor to afford transforming cataract operations and have also funded the purchase of essential equipment. The project has grown in size and reputation over the years and now has access to differing sources of funding. The main supporter of the project remains Christian Blind Mission.

The project continues to transform hundreds of lives every year by dealing with the causes of avoidable blindness. It remains the only eye surgery service within Swaziland. We continue to be impressed with the quality of care provided by Dr. Pons and his team. Despite this, we feel that our primary fund-raising efforts should now be directed into new areas and different projects. We have still been able to provide 3520 to assist the eye project during the past two years with the purchase of new eye surgery equipment plus the cost of shipping redundant (but still very useful in Swaziland) donated NHS equipment. We are still happy to accept donations specifically for the eye surgery project but have now limited our support to the purchase of equipment and cost of transporting donated equipment. We are no longer sending funds to Swaziland for patient sponsorship.

* "Vula Emehlo" is the SiSwati form of the Zulu "Vula Amehlo" - both mean the same thing: "Open your eyes".