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Women's Co-operative Craft Group

Fancy Stitch Women's
              Co-operative The Fancy Stitch Group started as the idea of three women in September 2001 with 27 members and has grown to more than 400 members currently. It is a self-help, income generation and skills development initiative amongst women living in the deep rural hamlet of Ingwavuma, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and a supplier of high quality, artistic greeting cards, picture frames and clothing. The dedication, talent and social and emotional connectedness amongst the members is impressive. All these characteristics, combined with a dynamic vision for the future, makes this an exciting and inspirational development initiative. Ingwavuma is in an area of economic deprivation with a high incidence of HIV/AIDS. The group make embroidered greeting cards and bigger embroidered cloths that are framed or made into cushions. They are busy expanding into embroidered photo frames, bed linen, children’s cloth books and children’s clothing in order to provide an income for the members. The legal status of the group is a Section 21 Association (not for gain).

Vula Amehlo Trust is proud to have provided funding to purchase equipment and materials for the group during their early years. The group have now earned a well-deserved international reputation and exhibit their work throughout the world. We are happy to have played our small part in their success but do not feel that we need to continue to specifically fundraise for them.

You can visit their website by clicking on this link: Fancy Stitch Group (Opens in new window)